CANON CR-1 Mark II Fundus Camera

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Excellent condition 

Manufacture year: 2012

Come with 6 month warranty


Angle of view: 45 degrees

Magnification of view: 2X (Digital)

Operation distance: 35 mm from the front of objective lens

Minimum pupil size: 4 mm (Approximately 3.7 mm in SP mode)

Image size: 14 mm on the sensor

Patient's diopter compensation range: Without compensation lens: -10D to +15D

With "-" compensation lens: -7D to -31D

With "+" compensation lens: +11D to +33D

Light source: IRED for observation, Xenon tube for photography

Internal fixation target: LED dot matrix, green

Working distance adjustment: Anterior eye display: split lines adjustment

Retinal display: working distance dots

Sensor resolution: 15.1 megapixels or higher

(Resolution depends on model of attached camera.)

Attachable digital camera: Canon EOS digital SLR camera

Built in monitor: 5.7-inch color LCD monitor