Fukuda Denshi UF-550XTD Ultrasound complete set

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Excellent condition 

Linear : FUT-LG386-9A

Micro Convex : FUT-CD152-5A

Convex : FUT-CG602-5A

Black and White Printer : UP-897MD

Come with 6 month warranty


- Full Digital Beam Former

- Advanced F-XTD Imaging Technology

- High Density and Wide Band Probes

- Quick Boot up Time

- Optical Trackball

- High Resolution 12 inch CRT Display

- Active 2 probe ports

- USB flash-memory Image Filing

- Thin and flexible probe cable with pin

- less connector

- High frequency Imaging up to 14MHz

- User friendly Interface with backlit intuitive keys

- Multiple Tissue Harmonic Imaging

- Digital Image workstation provided

- CD-R/RW and HDD as selectable configuration