Shin-nippon accuref 8001 Auto Refractometer

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Excellent condition 

manufacture year: 2013

come with 6 month warranty


•Clear 5.6 inch LCD color monitor: LCD color monitor produces superb colorful display of the icons for easier identification to select your desired choices for measurement

•3 step monitor angle: Monitor angle in the Autorefractor Keratometer Shin Nippon Accuref-K 9001 can be tilted in 3 steps that allows confortable operation for both standing and sitting positions

•Wide measurement range: Wide measurement range of Sph - 25.00D to +25.00D , Cyl - 10.00D to + 10.00D

•2.3 mm Minimum pupil diameter & 3 step Target light adjuster: The Autorefractor Keratometer Shin Nippon Accuref-K 9001 allows you to measure much smaller pupils than conventional units and 3 step Target light adjuster ensure accurate results

•Auto start function: Auto start function allows measuring automatically when alignment meets measurement requirements

•Kerato-Peripheral measurement: 4 plots of cornea can be measured

•Quick measurement function: The quick measurement function in the Autorefractor Keratometer Shin Nippon Accuref-K 9001 realizes 1-10 times continues measurement by pushing the measurement button once

•Data screen function: Measured data can be seen on the monitor without printing

•Quick printer with automatic cutter: Printer paper is automatically cut when it is released

•Contact lens base curve measurement

•Far pupil distance measurement and near pupil distance calculation

•RS 232 C setting function

•Output external monitor

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