Carl Zeiss Visu 200 S8 Ophthalmic Microscope

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Excellent condition Carl Zeiss Visu 200 S8 Ophthalmic Microscope
Come with 6 month warranty.
Include :

  • Head: OPMI VISU 200 apochromatic optics, asist. rotatable Focus and Zoom
  • Illumination system: System of a light ± 2 ° for red reflex and a light adjustable 6th
  • Field Lighting: Up to 65mm
  • Type of Focus: Halogen 12v. 100w. fault with automatic focus
  • Binocular: Tilt 0 ° -180 °, F = 170mm, with Eyepieces 12.5x
  • Objective Lens: Working distance F = 200mm or the of your preference
  • Approach: Motorised with 50mm stroke and automatic centering
  • Magnification: Powered by apochromatic optical zoom ratio 1:6, 4.9x - 29x
  • XY: Tour of 100mm x 100mm with automatic centering
  • Pedal: Waterproof; 10 to 14 functions
  • Filter: GG 475 for eye protection, UV and IR
  • Position: Through fire handles with magnetic brakes

Features :

OPMI Visu 200 S8 Microscope carries outstanding features that have been acheived by focusing sharply on the needs of the surgeon and patient. OPMI VISU 200 has proven to be a very reliable microscope that is great at delivering red-reflex for Cataract surgery and Vitreo-Retinal procedures. The S8 stand is a fully electromagnetic clutched floorstand for effortless movement across the surgical field.
The S8 stand has predetermined settings for brightness, magnification, motor speed, and the configuration for up to nine different users.

Surgical Applications :

  • Cataract
  • Vitreo-Retina